The ACLU of Oklahoma has joined the efforts to seek justice for Tondalao Hall. Tondalao is a domestic violence survivor and mother of three who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for failing to stop the crimes her abuser committed against their children. The abuser, Robert Braxton accepted a guilty plea deal and never served a day in prison after his sentencing. Tondalao has served her time in prison since 2006.

In June, the ACLU of Oklahoma filed writ of habeas corpus on behalf of Tondalao Hall as part of a multifaceted campaign aimed at securing her release. Our campaign challenges Tondalao's disproportionate sentence and advocates against scapegoating victims for their batterers' crimes.

A judge in Pottawatomie County dismissed the ACLU’s first petition, but this fight is far from over. Navigating the law through courts, simply put, is a tedious process and procedure is important. As the ACLU's next steps, a post-conviction application will be filed in Oklahoma County. Tondalao and her attorneys remain hopeful that a more just future is possible.