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  1. ACLU-OK concerned about elected officials’ behavior

    February 12, 2009Press release2SLGBT+ Rights
  2. 2011 Gay Pride a Success

    June 27, 2011News update2SLGBT+ Rights
  3. ACLU appeals judge's decision to deny name change

    September 27, 2012News update2SLGBT+ Rights
  4. ACLU of OK Stands Up to Efforts to Discriminate Against Gay & Lesbian National Guard Soldiers

    January 10, 2012Press release2SLGBT+ Rights
  5. 5 Years of Marriage Equality in Oklahoma

    October 7, 2019News update2SLGBT+ Rights
  6. ACLU of Oklahoma Statement on Release of RESTORE Task Force Report

    January 11, 2020Press releaseCriminal Law Reform, People Incarcerated Rights, Racial Justice, Women's Rights, 2SLGBT+ Rights
  7. ACLU of Oklahoma Statement on HB 1182

    February 6, 2020Press releaseReproductive Freedom, 2SLGBT+ Rights, Women's Rights
  8. ACLU of Oklahoma Statement on Seminole Police Chief’s Reported Conduct

    March 12, 2020Press release2SLGBT+ Rights
  9. ACLU of Oklahoma Statement on Advancement of Senate Bill 1859

    March 13, 2020Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights, 2SLGBT+ Rights
  10. Freedom Oklahoma and the ACLU of Oklahoma Urge State, Local Leadership to Take Further Steps to Protect Resident

    March 23, 2020News update2SLGBT+ Rights, People Incarcerated Rights, Criminal Law Reform, Immigrants' Rights, Voting Rights, Racial Justice