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  1. Anti-Panhandling Case Headed to the 10th Circuit

    November 14, 2019News updateFree Speech
  2. It’s Clear: In Oklahoma Cash Bail is Being Used as Ransom to Keep People Who Are Poor Behind Bars

    December 17, 2019News updateCriminal Law Reform, Disability Rights, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice
  3. Oklahoma Needs Healthcare Champions, Not Constitutional Con Artists

    March 10, 2020News updateReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  4. Urgent Action Needed to Protect Individuals in Oklahoma's Prisons and Jails from Coronavirus-19 Pandemic

    March 16, 2020News updateCriminal Law Reform, Prisoners' Rights
  5. 2018 Impact Report

    November 26, 2018News update
  6. Freedom Oklahoma and the ACLU of Oklahoma Urge State, Local Leadership to Take Further Steps to Protect Resident

    March 23, 2020News updateLGBT Rights, Prisoners' Rights, Criminal Law Reform, Immigrants' Rights, Voting Rights, Racial Justice
  7. COVID-19 Oklahoma City Municipal Judicial Order

    March 16, 2020News updateCriminal Law Reform, Prisoners' Rights
  8. Executive Action Requested With Regard to COVID-19 and Oklahoma Prisons, Jails

    March 23, 2020News update
  9. Isolation, Before and During a Pandemic

    April 14, 2020News update
  10. Federal Wardens Must Immediately Flatten the Curve in our Nation’s Prisons

    April 13, 2020News update