Postal mail can be sent to:
ACLU of Oklahoma
P O Box 13327
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Reach us by phone at (405)524-8511 or email

We do not accept walk-ins.

  • Seek legal assistance
    • To request legal help, please use our online form. Please consider the types of cases the ACLU of Oklahoma accepts before filing a complaint. For your reference, visit our "Cases We Accept" page. Even if your complaint falls within the guidelines, filing a complaint does not guarantee that the ACLU of Oklahoma will provide legal assistance. Before any legal assistance can be offered, a written agreement must be entered into and signed by an ACLU of Oklahoma representative. 
    • Click here to use our online complaint form. 
  • Request legal observers
    • If your organization is planning a protest in the state of Oklahoma, you may request ACLU of Oklahoma legal observers to attend to document interactions between protestors and law enforcement officers. It is important to note that our legal observers will not intervene in the event of law enforcement misconduct, but will document such misconduct for later review.
    • We try to honor each and every request but sometimes schedules don't permit. Your chances of securing ACLU of Oklahoma legal observers are better if you give us at least a month's notice.
    • To request legal observers email or leave a voicemail at 405-524-8511.