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FAQ: Oklahoma City's Anti-Panhandling Ordinance

The McCraw case is about protecting the freedom of speech for Oklahomans. In reaction to complaints about the visibility of panhandlers in Oklahoma City, the City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting virtually all activity on medians. Not only is the ordinance a superficial reaction to the system

December 21, 2017

UPDATED FAQ: Tondalao Hall's Hearing

Tondalao Hall is a 33-year-old woman of color and mother of three from Oklahoma City. She is currently serving her 13th year of a 30-year prison sentence for “failure to protect” her children from her abuser.

December 8, 2017

Oklahomans with Disabilities Deserve Certainty

Imagine you’ve lived in the same home for your entire adult life, when suddenly, the government threatens your very existence, solely because state legislators cannot agree on a budget.

November 22, 2017

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