Yellow background, headshot of Representative Mauree Turner

Mauree (They/Them/Theirs) is the current Representative for Oklahoma’s 88th House District & a Queer, Non-binary, Okie Muslim. 

Mauree was formerly the Regional Field Director Oklahoma's Campaign for Smart Justice, an ACLU initiative focusing on criminal justice reform and its many intersections. Their life’s works are geared towards fighting for and maintaining the civil rights and liberties of all. 

Mauree is the first Muslim elected in Oklahoma, and the first non-binary person elected to a state level position in US history, they understand why equitable and accurate representation matters. This has led them to work with the NAACP of Oklahoma, CAIR Oklahoma, Freedom Oklahoma, and a continuously growing number of grassroots organizations in the state. 

Since working in and around Oklahoma's criminal legal system Mauree came to the realization: it's not about reform, but about reimagining and rebuilding our justice system, with our communities in mind. 

They have championed legislation for accurate and equitable documentation for our community members who live beyond the binary, repealing nuisance laws that gives law enforcement more access to our already vulnerable communities, started community conversations about why it's important to focus on alternatives to incarceration in the community liberation we are seeking, & much more.