Advocacy Tool Kit: Death Penalty Moratorium

General Information: 

In November of 2021, the ACLU of Oklahoma called on Governor Stitt to reinstate a moratorium on executions and issue a stay on the remaining execution dates immediately and until the judiciary has made a final decision on Oklahoma’s lethal injection protocols. 

This Advocacy tool guide was created so that our partners that are willing to join this fight against executions have the resources and tools to advocate effectively and cohesively, until the Governor makes the right decision. 

Feel free to share this page with your networks. If you have questions please contact our Organizer, Jasmine Brown-Jutras via email at

Facts to Know: Persons on Death Row – With Scheduled Executions

Wade Lay James Coddington 
Execution date: Stayed Execution date: Stayed
Clemency hearing: Pending competency hearing  Clemency hearing: Pending LI trial 

Title 515: Clemency Hearing Provisions and Procedures 
OK Constitution: Article 6: Reprieves, commutations, paroles and pardons 

Take Action:

Advocacy Tools:

  • Phonebank: Host a phonebank to Oklahomans asking them to urge the governor to stop executions. 
    [Sample Script Here]
  • Textbank: Host a textbank to Oklahomans asking them to urge the governor to stop executions. There are some great affordable text campaign programs are Hustle, Thru-text, and outvote.   
    [Sample Script Here] 
  • Email/Write Letter to Governor: Send a letter to the governor from your organization, and encourage members or people in your networks to send the same letter. 
    [Organization Letter to Gov template] 
    [Personal Letter to Gov template]
  • Email the Pardon and Parole Board: Send a letter to a member on the Pardon and Parole Board, encouraging them to recommend clemency to those on death row with a hearing.  
    [Letter template] 
    Email letter to: 
  • Letter Writing Party: Host a letter writing party (in-person or virtually). Everyone at the party writes a (handwritten) letter to the governor or Pardon and Parole Board. **See letter templates above 
  • Execution Vigil: The Oklahoma Coalition Against the Death Penalty (OK-CADP) hosts a vigil on the day of every execution. The vigil begins an hour before the execution is set to begin. We would like to encourage all people to join: Governor’s Mansion, 820 NE 23rd St, OKC 
  • Clemency Hearing: Attend the clemency hearing of each person with a death sentence. Bear witness to these hearings and the messages being used by the State. **See clemency hearing schedule above  
    Kate Barnard Community Corrections Center 
    3300 N. Martin Luther King Ave. 
    Oklahoma City, OK 73111 
    40-person limit in the room 
    Zoom Option found on PPB Website
  • Letter to the Editor: Write a letter to the editor about stopping executions, the inhumane conditions of death row, past executions, current executions, stories of people exonerated, and other topics that highlight the harms of executions. 
    Tips for writing letters to the editor! **Avg. 300-500 words 
    [ACLU Example Op-Ed] 
  • Press Release: Send a press release to your press list. Let the public know that your organization is also calling or a Moratorium on Executions and why you stand in solidarity. 
    [CAIR Press Release Example] 
    [ACLU Press Release Example]
  • Social Media Post: Send a tweet, post an image, record a video, etc. Social media can be an amazing tool for advocacy. Refer to the sample tweet below for messaging. Use the tweet below for your social media.
    [Sample Tweets]