SMASH the Patriarchy

June 16, 2022 @ 6:00 pm
@ 8:00 pm

Oklahoma’s Bans on abortions have left our community reeling and grieving. Roundtable discussions full of fear and uncertainty, rallies that publicize peoples’ personal stories, the continued criminalization of pregnant people and providers, the lack of access to healthcare, THE PATRIARCHY; it’s all too much. Where are you healing? Where are you screaming? Where are you breaking shit?

Join the ACLU of Oklahoma at our SMASH the Patriarchy healing event partnered by Tower Theatre OKC.

We will have a panel discussion about our reproductive rights in Oklahoma, as of now. Followed by an hour of time dedicated to you expressing your rage. Join as we write and talk about our feelings about abortion bans, share space with like-minded people, SMASH something, and most importantly let’s do it all in a safe space. See you there!