American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma, Inc. (“Corporation”) is organized as a not for profit corporation to maintain and to advance civil liberties, including the freedom of association, press, religion and speech and the rights to due process and to equal protection of the laws for all people through all legitimate and appropriate means. Its objectives shall be solely without political partisanship.

Board Member Qualifications:

  • Must be an active, dues paying member of the ACLU 
  • Enthusiasm for and commitment to ACLU mission
  • Dedication to civil liberties and civil rights
  • Willingness to give time, effort, and resources to the mission
  • Willingness to innovate

Board of Directors Responsibilites: Legal and ethical stewardship for short- and long term stability and vitality of ACLU programs, finances and overall organizational strength. 

  • Determine ACLU's mission and purposes consistent with its By-laws
  • Select the Executive Director
  • Support the Executive Director and review their performance
  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Determine and monitor the ACLU's programs and services
  • Serve as final arbiter in policy and personnel disputes
  • Assess its own performance

Individual Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Know the organization's mission, purposes, goals, policies, bylaws, programs, services, strengths and needs
  • Prepare for board and committee meetings
  • Serve in leadership positions or undertake special assignments willingly and enthusiastically when asked
  • Follow trends in civil liberties and civil rights
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Respond to board email requests in a timely manner
  • Maintain civility, respect and cooperation

Time Commitment:

  • Directors shall be elected for 3 year terms to be set by the Board of Directors
  • Attend 4 quarterly board meetings each year and special meetings as needed (Failing to attend 2 consecutive meetings are grounds for removal. If you are unable to attend in person, you may attend via telephone conference)


  • Maintain the confidentiality of all personnel matters, financial matters, client matters, matters raised in executive session, and any other matters which appear under the circumstances to warrant confidential treatment
  • Comply with any formal confidentiality policy adopted by the board

To Apply: Submit a Statement of Intent witth the following details to with the subject line "Board of Directors Application":

  • Your name and pronouns
  • What area/region of Oklahoma you live in
  • Your occupation, profession, or calling
  • Your affinity to the work of the ACLU of Oklahoma - what resonates the most with you
  • Why you wish to serve on the Board of Directors

While we accept applications year-round, to be considered a candidate for the upcoming 2022 Annual Membership Meeting, applications must be received by 5:00PM on March 31st.

Candidates will be asked to do a short interview with the nominating committee. Statements of intention will be made available for the voting membership of the ACLU of Oklahoma during the voting period. When the voting concludes, newly elected candidates will be notified ahead of the  Angie Debo Award Ceremony and Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 22, and expected to attend.

The ACLU of Oklahoma values a diverse and an inclusive culture. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status and record of arrest or conviction.