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The ACLU of Oklahoma undertakes litigation when we believe it to be the best way to advance civil liberties. Litigation is considered the last resort to correct an injustice. Before heading to court, the ACLU of Oklahoma explores other options. Our legal team focuses on cases that have an impact on large groups of people by setting a legal precedent or affecting the policies and actions of public officials. The ACLU of Oklahoma also can provide direct legal representation to people or file amicus briefs addressing civil liberties issues in existing cases. In ACLU cases, the attorneys represent clients free of charge. With only two full-time attorneys on staff, the ACLU relies on volunteer cooperating attorneys. These attorneys handle cases for the ACLU based on their available time and expertise. If clients cannot afford filing fees or other court-related costs, the ACLU will pay for these expenses.

The ACLU of Oklahoma is not a government agency or a general legal services program. We do not dispense general legal advice or make referrals to attorneys. The ACLU of Oklahoma does not generally assist in criminal cases, post-conviction appeals, divorce or custody matters, tax problems, landlord-tenant disputes, or complaints about lawyers or judges.

The ACLU of Oklahoma does not accept requests for legal assistance in person. To ask the ACLU for legal assistance, you must complete and submit a complaint form. You can submit a complaint either on-line or by mail.

If you would like to request assistance from our legal program, please click the “Request Help” link below.

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