The following statement is attributable to Allie Shinn, External Affairs Director, ACLU of Oklahoma:

“We are disappointed, though frankly unsurprised, that the Governor chose today to continue the Legislature’s game of using children and LGBT Oklahomans as pawns in cruel political games. SB 1140 is discriminatory, anti-family, anti-children, and anti-First Amendment. Rather than stand up to religious fanaticism, the Governor has chosen to reinforce the delusions of those who confuse discrimination with liberty. This measure serves no legitimate policy purpose. Its only purpose is to shortsightedly advance the careers of politicians who are more interested in exploiting a culture of fear and hysteria than they are in effectively governing. Governor Fallin may wish us all to believe she has worked to make Oklahoma a more hospitable place to live, but by signing legislation like this, she has permanently stained her legacy as Governor of the State of Oklahoma.”


The following statement is attributable to Troy Stevenson, Executive Director, Freedom Oklahoma:


“While we are deeply disappointed that Governor Fallin chose to sign discrimination into law, we are more concerned about the children - desperately looking for homes - that will be harmed by this disgraceful legislation and the countless young people who will be stigmatized by state-sanctioned hate. Make no mistake, we will fight for the most vulnerable Oklahomans targeted by this law and, if necessary, we will do so in a court of law. Our message to Governor Fallin, and the lawmakers who championed this travesty is simple: We are prepared to challenge those who attempt to cloak their discrimination with this law.”


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