Everything we’ve fought for is at stake in this election. Our right to protest a broken system, our right to equal treatment at work, and even our right to vote. It’s up to us to decide what comes next. The ACLU does not endorse or oppose candidates, but we do want to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. It is crucial that you study where the candidates land on the issues. See below for the presidential candidates’ positions on key civil liberties issues.

Issue Joe Biden Donald Trump
Police Reform: Pledged to help hold police accountable for shooting unarmed people and other misconduct, by requiring local law enforcement to improve “use of force” standards as a condition of receiving federal funds. Yes No
Reducing Incarceration: Pledged to reform/reformed sentencing to reduce incarceration levels in the United States. Yes Yes
Equal Pay: Pledged to support policies that require pay transparency such as the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help ensure equal pay for Americans, regardless of gender. Yes No
Voting Rights: Pledged to restore the Voting Rights Act, which would require states with a history of racial discrimination to get permission before they change their voting laws. Yes No

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