Angi Debo

The ACLU of Oklahoma is currently accepting nominations for the Angie Debo Civil Liberties Award and the Fran Morris Civil Liberties in Media Award to be presented at this year’s Bill of Rights Celebration. The Angie Debo Award was established in 1977 to recognize those who have provided exceptional defense to the Bill of Rights throughout the year or throughout their lives. The Fran Morris Award was initiated in 1994 to recognize members of the media who have highlighted important civil liberties issues in their work. Nominations for these awards must be received by the affiliate office no later than Friday, August 14. They may be mailed to the ACLU of Oklahoma at P O Box 1626, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1626, or faxed to 405-524-2296.

Nomination letters should not be longer than three pages and should include the following: 1) name, current address, and telephone numbers (business and home) of the nominee, 2) a description of the nominee’s worthiness, 3) a statement that the nominee has given consent to the nomination, 4) biographical information about the nominee attached as an enclosure, 5) letters of endorsement from others as optional enclosures and 6) the name, address, and telephone numbers (home and business) of the person making the nomination.