OK Supreme Court Rules In-favor of Voting Rights

"Today’s Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling is a clear victory for Oklahoma voters. The unnecessary and burdensome requirement of getting absentee ballots notarized only served to make it harder for Oklahomans to participate in the democratic process. While the notary requirement has been an unnecessary hurdle for all absentee voters, it disproportionately hurt Oklahomans from marginalized communities, as well as those with compromised immune systems and senior citizens. The notary requirement is troubling in any election, but the current pandemic put it in stark relief as voters are being asked to choose between the recommendations of public health experts and exercising their right to vote. With today’s ruling the Court affirmed the legal right of Oklahoma voters to submit their absentee ballots on their own oath, under penalty of law, WITHOUT having to interact with a notary. This represents a tremendous step forward and we must continue to do everything possible to let communities vote safely and securely without compromising their health.”