Poll workers have a reposnsibility when it comes to protecting the voting rights of our transgender community.

  • The voter you are speaking with is transgender, meaning their gender identity differs from their assigned birth-sex.  They way they express their gender incorporates characteristics that may be viewed as feminine, masculine, a mix of both, or neither.
  • The gender-marker on the voter’s ID may not reflect their gender identity and/or expression.  For example, the voter may be wearing different clothing and makeup, and have their hair styled differently than what is presented on their photo ID. This is not illegal and is  not a valid reason to deny them a regular ballot. If all other legal requirements are met, this voter is entitled to vote.
  • Please do not assume whether the voter is male or female, or to ask them for the “real”  name.  Use the name the voter prefers.
  • Being transgender is not dependent on any medical procedures.  Medical history is private information about which you should refrain from asking. Asking personal questions is offensive, inappropriate, and not relevant to the right to vote.
  • Transgender voters are not doing anything wrong – they are being themselves.  Transgender people have the right to vote just like everyone else and it is your responsibility to ensure they are able to do so without hassle.  As long as  they have met the ID requirements, even if their gender presentation or expression seems different from their photo ID, you cannot deny them access to their ballot.