We won’t stop fighting against attacks on abortion access

No one deserves to be denied essential health care and forced to carry a pregnancy against their will.

Dear Friends, 
The last few days have been extraordinarily difficult. From the leak of the draft opinion announcing the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade and now our very own Texas style 6-week abortion ban in effect, reproductive freedom is in peril in our state. We have worked closely with our amazing partners Planned Parenthood Great Plains, Trust Women, The Center for Reproductive Rights, Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice this legislative session to protect access to abortion care. Unfortunately, extreme legislators chose politics over people and passed some of the most dangerous anti-abortion bills in the country.  
We are eagerly waiting to see what the final decision from SCOTUS will look like in June. We know that it feels bleak right now but know that the ACLU of Oklahoma will continue to fight back at every step to protect abortion access. We stand with Oklahomans from across the state urging in one voice that all Oklahomans have the fundamental right to make health care decisions without governmental interference.  
This is the moment we’ve been warning about for decades. We’ve been preparing for this crisis and it’s now time for every one of us to take action. We need our allies — from President Biden to our state legislators, mayors, and city council members to join us in thinking radically about how to create a system that ensures abortion is accessible no matter where you live or who you are. 
In the next few weeks, we will start planning town hall meetings across the state to discuss different ways we can protect access to abortion and other issues we are facing in Oklahoma. We hope you will join us at these town halls.  

Normally this is when we would ask you to consider a gift but not this time. We are encouraging all gifts to go to the Roe Fund Oklahoma’s only abortion fund that supports people needs help paying for their abortions.  
We won’t stop fighting; I hope you will join us.  
In Solidarity, 

Tamya Cox-Touré
Executive Director
Pronouns: she, her