A special hotline for Oklahomans who have any issues at their polling places this election day will be open Monday, November 3, and Tuesday, November 4, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. By calling 405-524-2296 on those days, voters will be put in direct contact with an American Civil Liberties Union representative to assist them.
The ACLU has the following tips for avoiding problems at the poll:

1. Check your voter registration status as soon as possible.
2. Vote before Election Day if you can.
3. Locate your polling place before Election Day.
4. Plan ahead if you need special assistance.
5. Don’t wear political attire to the polls.
6. Bring some form of identification if you have it.
7. Vote early in the day.
8. Follow all instructions.
9. Ask for help if you need it.
10. Take your time.

Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Michael Clingman said the rule about political attire is in place as a courtesy to other voters.

“We do not necessarily turn voters in political shirts away,” Clingman said. “But, they are usually asked to cover up or take their button off.”

Clingman added that all Oklahoma counties are advised similarly in regards to regulating political garb.
Again, with any Election Day questions or concerns, please contact the ACLU of Oklahoma at 405-796-8683.