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February 9, 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY — In response to yesterday’s onslaught of bills advancing through the Senate Public Safety Committee, which reinforce Oklahoma’s carceral system and deepen the criminalization of our communities, the ACLU of Oklahoma issued the following statement: 

The following is attributable to Nicole McAfee, Director of Policy and Advocacy: 

“Yesterday’s priorities in the Senate Public Safety Committee were neither new nor surprising, but it was a sad demonstration of legislators advancing bills that focus on punishment, not public safety. From bills furthering failed tough-on-crime era policies (SB 110 and SB 111) and rollbacks of State Question 780 (SB 334, SB 670, and SB 814) to silencing community members engaging in accountability work of elected officials and law enforcement (SB 403, SB 648, SB 560, and SB 806), the Committee took it upon themselves to advance bills that will no doubt send more Oklahomans to prisons and jails. Instead of expanding the criminalization of poverty and drug use disorders, the Senate Public Safety Committee should be focused on bills that actually make our communities safer and address root causes of criminalized behavior. We encourage all Oklahomans to engage in continued action and advocacy by contacting their elected officials throughout the coming weeks.”