The ACLU of Oklahoma mourns the death of civil rights pioneer Clara Luper. Luper passed away earlier this month.

In 1958, three years before the famous freedom rides, Luper led a group of young activists to Katz Drug store and sat down at the segregated counter. The group endured threats and assaults but refused to be moved. When the young heroes were finally served, their pursuit of equality did not end. Luper and other young activist staged sits across the city at the John A. Browns Luncheonette, Anna Maude Cafeteria, the Skirvin Hotel and Wedgewood Amusement Park.

Luper continued to inspire young people through her long career as an Oklahoma educator.

As we continue to strive for equality for all, we will continue to follow her lead. We will continue to be facilitators of her spirit and promise keepers of her dream. Her spirit will greatly be missed but her legacy will endure always.