OKLAHOMA CITY – The ACLU of Oklahoma today sent questionnaires to the candidates for Oklahoma County Sheriff requesting policy positions on a range of subjects.

The ACLU of Oklahoma does not endorse candidates for political office, however, as the preeminent defender of civil rights and civil liberties we are undertaking this effort to help educate our membership and voters in general about the critical issues facing our criminal justice system.

With the Oklahoma County Sheriff special election set to be held on April 4th, it is important that the voters have a clear understanding of the candidate’s positions on these critical issues before the ballots are cast.

The questionnaire covers issues of importance to the ACLU such as jail overcrowding, pretrial detention practices, immigration policies, and racial justice. We are requesting responses from all four candidates no later than March 31, 2017.

The ACLU will continue to issue questionnaires to candidates in future elections as possible.

A copy of the questionnaire can be seen here.

Candidate Virgil Green's Responses to the Questionnaire can be seen here.

Image credit: JailStuff.org