Deisy Escalera wrote the following statement capturing her emotions on the day she came out of the shadows of the broken U.S. Immigration system.

"It's 6 in the morning on Friday July 12th, 2013. My mom looks over at me as we drive towards the Department of Motor Vehicle, she wants to know why I'm quiet and if I'm nervous. I tried holding my tears back but I wasn't able to. You would think that I would be prepared for all these feelings and thoughts going through me after waiting for years for this.  I feel happy because I will be able to reach my goals faster but I cannot help feel heartbroken. I'm sad because I know that the reason I have all this is because of mom. Eighteen years ago she decided to risk everything for me and because of that she deserves this peace of mind more than I do. I will never forget her smile after I told her--her turn will soon come!

I feel blessed that my mom was able to be right next to me through this whole process. Even though it took 8 months, it was worth it. So, after pledging the United States flag for 18 years, I can finally say I am no longer in the shadows of the broken United States Immigration System. Getting my first United States ID today will definitely go down as a milestone in my journal today!

Although this journey is far from over I know that it is a start. I know the fight for Commonsense Immigration Reform is an uphill battle but my admiration towards my parents will endure EVERYTHING!"

Deisy Escalera--Latino Community Organizer, ACLU of Oklahoma--was born in Aguascalientes Mexico, raised in Oklahoma City. She is a student at the University of Oklahoma, former Miss Hispanic OU, Affiliate Lead for Dream Act Oklahoma, and in 2012 she was named one of Oklahoma's 10 Most Influential Hispanic Leaders.