OKLAHOMA CITY — In response to the passage of SB 614 by the Oklahoma House of Representatives, the ACLU of Oklahoma released the following statements:
The following is attributable to Jill Webb, Legal Director:
"SB 614 is based on unproven, unethical research that seeks to undermine a medical procedure at the expense of a person’s safety and medical rights. The ACLU as an organization has fought nearly identical legislation to this bill in a number of states. If signed into law, the ACLU of Oklahoma intends to take the necessary steps to continue to challenge this unconstitutional measure."
The following is attributable to Nicole McAfee, Smart Justice Campaign Manager:
"With the passage of SB 614, the legislature affirmed that it is more willing to spend time on unconstitutional bills based on unsound science than it is on moving forward with legislative priorities their constituents want and desperately need. We are grateful to everyone who gave voice to the very real, legitimate concerns this bill presents. We strongly urge Governor Stitt to veto SB 614, recognizing that Oklahomans deserve access to quality medical care grounded in science— not unfunded ideology masquerading as medicine."